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We have a wide range of products and a lot of experience in the production of pallets. We focus mainly on certified EPAL pallets: the product without which global logistics, as we know it, could not exist. We offer a variety of standardized pallets - both for general use and specialized for the chemical industry (EPAL CP). We have licenses for production and repair of EPAL, which makes us part of the global network for the exchange of certified pallets.

Илюстрация на процес по производство на палетиИлюстрация по производство на палети

EPAL Euro pallet

This is a European system for standardization of pallets, which allows them to be reused multiple times, and freely exchanged internationally.

Used pallets

Used pallets are suitable for storage, transportation, MFH (use with machines, material handling and high lift pallet trucks)

EPAL CP Pallets

Safety and quality are of particular importance in the chemical industry. They ensure the protection the employees, as well as the environment and the cargo. With the new high-quality EPAL CP pallets, EPAL fills a huge gap in the supply chain of the chemical industry.

Glass works pallets

As the name suggests, these pallets are used in the glass industry, but are also well suited to other industries with load capacity requirements, which are higher than usual.

Custom pallets

We can make a pallet that fully meets your specific needs.

What is the EPAL system?

This is an European system for standardization of pallets, which allows their long-term reuse and free exchange at an international level. Regardless of their manufacturer, the EPAL Euro Pallets of one type (e.g., 800 x 1200 mm) are completely identical and can be freely exchanged between you and your partners or contractors. This provides many benefits both for your business, and for Nature!

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Minimizes storage space

Minimize the storage space needed for pallets that are not currently in use.

Minimizes costs

Minimize the cost of buying pallets.

Facilitates deliveries

Free pallet exchange eliminates the need for immediate unloading of goods from the delivery pallets.

Long-term use

Long-term use of each pallet reduces the use of wood and the carbon footprint.