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EPAL 2 Pallet

The design of the EPAL 2 Pallet makes it perfect for the largest industrial loads. The main frame allows its transportation on chains or roller conveyors.

Technical parameters

According to the technical specifications of EPAL
1200 mm
1000 mm
162 mm
~35 kg
1 500 kg

Materials: 17 boards of quality timber, 9 woodchip or solid wood blocks, 133 nails. Produced according to the EPAL Technical Regulations.
When stacking laden pallets on a solid, level surface, the bottommost pallet must not exceed a load of max. 4250 kg.

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You can easily recognize the original EPAL pallet and distinguish it from imitations and replicas by its idiosyncratic markings.
EPAL Палети произведени от Palleten24

Quality control

All members of EPAL - the European Pallet Association - are subject to inspection and control by an independent international auditing firm. This is the only way EPAL can guarantee the consistently high quality they offer to the markets.


Compliance with the ISPM 15 standard is the most essential condition for the unrestricted use of pallets in the international movement of goods. Therefore, all EPAL Euro Pallets are manufactured in accordance with the strict IPPC specifications and can thus be transported worldwide. Local Plant Protection Authorities provide information on the countries that recognize the IPPC standard.