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A-grade used pallet

Used pallets are suitable for storage, transport, MFH

Pallet characteristics

According to the technical specifications of EPAL
  • The pallet has already been used
  • Light wood color
  • ISPM 15 / IPCC is not guaranteed
  • Maximum 22% residual humidity
  • Signs of use, but no contamination
  • No defects caused by users
  • There are no sticky materials, such as cardboard, foil,tape, labels
  • Repairs from licensed operations are permitted. Qualitycontrol bracket and / or repair nail with stamp present.
  • No distorted (twisted) blocks
  • All mandatory basic markings are legible (EPAL, UIC, EURpossible)

WARNING: The light color alone does not guarantee that theproduct belongs to this grade. Check the criteria for the following grades.

More used pallets

Used pallets are suitable for storage, transportation, MFH


Return 3 used pallets and get a brand-new pallet of the same type

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