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B-grade used pallet

Used pallets are suitable for storage, transport, MFH.

Pallet characteristics

According to the technical specifications of EPAL
  • Signs of use, darkening of the wood is allowed
  • Dark color of the wood
  • In the presence of a large batch, a combination of light anddark colors is possible
  • ISPM 15 / IPCC is not guaranteed
  • Maximum 22% residual moisture
  • No defects caused by users
  • There are no sticky materials, such as cardboard, foil,tape, labels
  • Repairs from licensed operations are permitted. Qualitycontrol bracket and / or repair nail with stamp present.
  • No distorted (twisted) blocks
  • All mandatory basic markings are legible (EPAL, UIC, EURpossible)

More used pallets

Used pallets are suitable for storage, transportation, MFH


Return 3 used pallets and get a brand-new pallet of the same type

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Промоционално предложение - върни 3 стари палета - вземи един нов